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About Us

Empowering Tomorrow's Infrastructure:
Sasi Projects Pvt. Ltd., is a trailblazer in the infrastructure industry. Established in 2009, it boasts over 15 years of pioneering excellence. Our expertise includes crafting top-notch infrastructure like roads, housing projects, Private VUDA Approved layouts, and Concrete roads, utilizing rich technical processes. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a vision to strengthen the nation, we have redefined engineering professionalism in Visakhapatnam and beyond, setting the stage for a promising future. Our aspiration as Sasi Projects Pvt Ltd is to become one of the finest and most sustainable diversified infrastructure companies in the state, delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders – clients, employees, partners, and local communities.

Our pan-Indian presence empowers us to effectively manage and bring our visionary goals to life. With a dynamic and experienced team, we are among the fastest-growing players in the field, continuously expanding horizons in Infrastructure and Road works while ensuring consistent returns. As we forge ahead, our focus remains on building a brighter tomorrow, fueled by passion, innovation, and a strong sense of responsibility towards the communities we serve. Join us on this transformative journey towards sustainable growth and excellence in infrastructure development.
Sasi is committed to being honest and introspective in all its activities. We aim to build a world free of low standards, constantly challenging ourselves to grow and progress. Our focus is on developing ourselves as individuals and as an organisation that is fair and honest in all dealings. Quality is our foundation and we strive for excellence.
To enhance and fortify quality, speed, innovation and technology in the Organization’s business ventures and to be a trendsetter in innovative management practices across premium infrastructure space.
Our Team
Our team of experts and professionals includes architects, designers, civil engineers and workers who have years of experience under their belt. In order to provide excellent quality service, we completely plan and design every project-related task after fully understanding the client’s requirements. Each division of our organization is managed and controlled by a group of experienced leaders, well-versed in their respective domains.
Civil Engineers
Technical Team
Quality Analysts
Skilled workers
Our Core Team
G.V.S. Sudheer
Managing Director
G.K. Chaitanya
K. Raghu Ram